Tips on making your resume sound better

You can ask anyone working in the HR Department of a company and they would all tell you that resumes which look bland and conventional are merely tossed aside, if not directly into the trash bin. In any corporate setting, it always pays to be creative with regards to your

Health Tips for Studying Abroad in Australia

Studying abroad in Australia offers much more than academic qualifications; it is a once-in-lifetime adventure that will change your perspective on life. You will make new friends, experience another culture and have unforgettable travel experiences. Getting injured or becoming sick while studying abroad can really put a damper on your

Revision Techniques – Before Handing In Your Assignment

It’s not unusual for most students to rush a hand-in process once a paper or assignment has been completed. With the piece presumably finished, it can be difficult to resist the urge of submitting it for a grade. However, jumping to that step will avoid a key component of finalizing

How To Study Smart

Many students have heard that there are really only two ways to get to the top of the class. It is dependent on either natural ability, or work ethic. Unfortunately, not every student will have the mental capacity to understand material after hearing it only once, so hard work will

How To Study For Long Hours

There are many times when you’ll find you just don’t have the luxury of separating your study sessions to a few hours here and there, leaving you with the unfortunate block of study time that can stretch for hours on end, or even worse, requiring you to pull the dreaded